John Tavener: CD-Discography

This list contains a complete list of CDs devoted to music composed by John Tavener. It contains also a list of collections (samplers) containing music by John Tavener. Considering the large number of CDs with always the same pieces (in particular "The Lamb") this list is not and cannot be complete. A CD is, however, definitely taken into account if the pieces on it cannot be found elsewhere. The code number is the abbreviation for the CD given in the work catalogues. Below each CD entry you find more details

CDs with music exclusively by John Tavener:
codetitle labelnumberyear conductor
ap1The Whale Apple984971970David Atherton
ap2Celtic Requiem Apple812521971D.Atherton/J.Tavener
ca1Akhmatova Requiem Carlton56919779/81 G.Rozhdestvensky
ch1We shall see Him as He is Chandos91281992 Richard Hickox
ch2Eis Thanaton & Theophany Chandos94401996 Richard Hickox
co1The Repentant Thief (single) Collins200521991Michael T. Thomas
co2Mary of Egypt (2 CDs) Collins702321993L. Friend
co3Ikon of Light et al. Collins140521993Harry Christophers
co4To a child dancing in the wind Collins142821994soloists
gm1Ikon of Light et al.Gimell GIM 0051984P.Philips/J.Tavener
hy1Sacred Music by J.T.Hyperion 664641992Christopher Robinson
rv1Svyati RCA619661997 various
so1Akathist of Thanksgiving SonySK 644461994Martin Neary
so2Innocence SonySK 6661395/96Martin Neary
tr1Royal Phih. Collection TringTRP 0481995Justin Brown
un1Ikons United880231994Simon Joly
vg1Thunder Entered Her Virgin450351994David Hill
CDs containing also music by other composers:
codetitle labelnumberyear conductor
coA20th Century Christmas Coll. Collins127021990 Harry Christophers
emAIkos EMI550961994 Stephen Cleobury
gmARussian Orthodox Music GimellGIM 0021982 Peter Philips
hyAHear my Prayer Hyperion664391990 John Scott
hyBThe English Anthem Vol. 6 Hyperion668261995 John Scott
ninATaverner to Tavener NimbusNI 53281992 Stephen Darlington
peAMediterrano Pearl96341993 (Eleftheria Kotzia)
phAJubilate Deo Philips446 1161993 John Eliot Gardiner
pyAEvens. for St. Cuthbert's Day PrioryPRCD 2961989 James Lancelot
pyB...Feast of St. Edmund... PrioryPRCD 4931994 Michael Cousins
psASacred Choral Music ProudsoundCD 1361994 Michael Smedley
rvAEternal Memory ... (Single) RCA619661994 Vladimir Spivakov
rvBSermons and Devotions RCA682551996 ( The King's Singers)
vgAThe Protecting Veil Virgin450211992 G. Rozhdestvensky
vgBTavener/Pärt: String Qts. Virgin450231994 (soloists)

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Last change: Sept. 18, 1997