1. The 17th Bangladesh Science Conference,  6-9 May 1992,
    Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Talk).

2. International Workshop on Plasma Physics,  7-12 March 1992,
   Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Talk).

3. The 3rd Chittagong Conference on Mathematical Physics,
    29-31 December 1992, Chittagong University, Chittagong,
    Bangladesh (Talk).

4. Spring College on Plasma Physics, 17 May -11  June 1993,
    AS-ICTP, Trieste, Italy (Poster).

5. Scottish Summer School on Laser Plasma Interaction,  8-22 June
    1994, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

6. Meeting on Turbulence, 22-25 July 1994,  Rutherford  Appleton
    Laboratory, Oxford, UK (Talk).

7. The 2nd Aisla Topical Workshop in Theoretical Physics,
    31 July -2 August 1995, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,
    Oxford, UK (Talk).

8. Topical Workshop on Plasma Physics: Coherent Processes in
    Non-linear Media, 16-20 October 1995, AS-ICTP, Trieste,
    Italy (Poster).

9.  Institute of Physics Meeting, 30 March - 3 April  1996, Crief,
    Scotland, UK (Poster).

10. The 3rd Chittagong Conference on Foundations and Philosophy  of
      Physical Sciences, 17-19 December 1996, Chittagong University,
      Bangladesh (Talk).

11. International Symposium on Recent Advances in Physics, 21-23
     March 1997, Bangladesh University of Engineering and
     Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Talk).

12. The 20th Bangladesh Science Conference,  28-30 November 1998,
     Bangladesh University of Engineering  and Technology,   Dhaka,
     Bangladesh (Talk)

13. International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics: Colloidal
     Plasma Science, 03-07 July 2000, AS-ICTP, Trieste,
     Italy (Poster).

14. Meeting on `Dust Plasma Interaction in Space': 11-15 June 2001,
      ISSI, Bern, Switzerland (Talk).

15. International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics:
     New Horizon in Plasma Physics, 03-07 September 2001,
     Universidade do Algarve, Faro, Portugal (Talk).

16. Meeting on `Dust Plasma Interaction in Space': 25-30 November
      2001, ISSI, Bern, Switzerland (Talk).

17. Meeting on `Dust Plasma Interaction in Space': 22-28 April
      2002, ISSI, Bern, Switzerland (Invitation for Writing a Chapter of
      a Book:  Dust Plasma  Interaction in Space).

18.  International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics: Complex Plasmas
       in the New Millennium: 08-12 September 2003,
Santorini, Greece (Poster Presentation).

19.  A  Seminar on Plasma Physics:  20 October 2003, Department of Plasma Physics  Umea
       University,  Umea,  Sweden (Talk).
20.  Regional Workshop on Physics: 03-07 May 2004, IPM, Tehran,  Iran (Review Talk).
21.  SFB 591: Dusty Plasma Physics - New Horizons: 22 June 2004, Ruhr-Universisitat
       Bochum, Bochum,  Germany (Review  Talk).
22. Workshop on Theoretical Plasma Physics:  05-16 July 2004, The AS-ICTP, Trieste,

23. The 12th International Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP12): 21-29 October 2004,
      Nice,  France  (Review Talk).

24. The 4th International Conference on Physics of Dusty Plasmas (ICPDP4)}: 13-17 June
       2005, Orleans,  France (Talk).

25. The Autumn College on Plasma Physics, 05 - 30 September 2005, The AS-ICTP, Trieste,
       Italy  (Lecture).