Marian Lazar, Ph.D. (2003)

Institut für Theoretische Physik IV, NB 7/30

Theoretische Weltraum und Astrophysik

Ruhr - Universität Bochum,

44780 – Bochum, Germany


Phone: 0049 (0) 234-32-23799

Fax:  0049 (0) 234-32-14177



Research interest   Plasma and Solar Astrophysics – Kinetic Theory and Applications

- Nonequilibrium plasma dynamics: generation/modeling

non-Maxwellian velocity distributions, power law distributions

of Kappa-type, wave turbulence and instabilities

- Astrophysical sources of non-thermal radiation: kinetic

anisotropies, plasma jets and shocks;

- Plasma wave turbulence: waves and instabilities, particle

acceleration, heating and transport in interplanetary plasmas

- Transport of particles and energy in the solar wind: corona,

coronal mass-ejection, solar flares and magnetosphere;

Cosmological magnetic field: wave turbulence genesis, dynamos

Kinetic models of plasma: linear and nonlinear, relativistic,

High energy plasmas: relativistic effects, magnetic field generation

Nonlinear effects in plasmas: wave-coupling, plasma turbulence

Plasma Interface effects: plasmon-polaritons


Recent publications

Exploring the Solar Wind, ed. M. Lazar (Intech - OpenAccess, Croatia, 2012), ISBN 979-

953-307-380-3 ( free online: )


Publications in ADS (could be incomplete)